Attached you find some of the seismographical research results (Keller_seismo_research). Just to „prove“ the relation between Balkan States and seismographs. During last months we read of Serbia and Kosovo and of Bosnia as seismographs in media/newspapers…

But it is not only about politics. It is also about culture. When I was in Belgrade, I head the impression that in art there is a lot going on. (Of course, I was there at october salon opening and u10, but still) There is force and the will to move and change, to tell and to be seen. Compared to Switzerland it seemed to me more alive, much more vivid and with more intensity or urgency.

Jana Bruggmann and me, we belive that looking at art as seismograms is interesting. Especially at a place which seems to be like a seismograph for development in Europe or even worldwide. 

Maybe all artists are kind of seismographs. For the exhibition we would like to work with artist, who could identify themselves with this metaphor.

As you members of U10 have a lot of knowledge about actual art scene around Belgrade it would be great to work together and find artists which „fit“ with that concept and would like to be part of it.