Pieces of Skagaströnd

Serie aus 30 Zeichnungen und 18 Texten zu den gezeichneten Objekten

Zeichnungen: Bleistift, Kohle, Kreide, Tusche und Wasserfarbe auf Papier.

Diverser Formate

Texte: Inkjet auf Papier, 10cm x 18 cm


Buchform in Arbeit.

Ausstellung: Pieces of Skagaströnd, EG Bjarmanes Exhibiton Space, Skagaströnd IS

Everyone has special memories and collect or own objects that represent unique memories and stories. At the beginning of August 2017, I invited the citizens of Skagaströnd to celebrate these unique memories by presenting to me a meaningful object from their home

and to tell me its‘ story.

I worked daily at the Bjarmanes Coffeehouse, borrowing the objects to draw. These drawings and the stories and memories behind them, are presented in an exhibition/collection downstairs at the Bjarmanes Coffeehouse, and will be there for one month. To complete this project,

I also hope to create a book including all the stories and drawings.

Getting to know and meeting people, learning about past and present lives here in Skagaströnd, was a very preciousopportunity and experience for me. These personal encounters will remain with me, and I would like to thank all participants for sharing time and creating new memories with me.

Katrin Keller

Skagaströnd, 28. August, 2017

(Text zur Ausstellung)