Pieces of Skagaströnd

Serie aus 30 Zeichnungen und 18 Texten zu den gezeichneten Objekten

Zeichnungen: Bleistift, Kohle, Kreide, Tusche und Wasserfarbe auf Papier.

Diverser Formate

Texte: Inkjet auf Papier, 10cm x 18 cm


Ausstellung: Pieces of Skagaströnd, EG Bjarmanes Exhibiton Space, Skagaströnd IS

(Buchform in Arbeit)

Everyone has special memories and collect or own objects that represent unique memories and stories. At the beginning of August 2017, I invited the citizens of Skagaströnd to celebrate these unique memories by presenting to me a meaningful object from their home and to tell me its‘ story.

I worked daily at the Bjarmanes Coffeehouse, borrowing the objects to draw. These drawings and the stories and memories behind them, are presented in an exhibition/collection downstairs at the Bjarmanes Coffeehouse, and will be there for one month. To complete this project, I will create a book including all the stories and drawings.

Getting to know and meeting people, learning about past and present lives here in Skagaströnd, was a very preciousopportunity and experience for me. These personal encounters will remain with me, and I would like to thank all participants for sharing time and creating new memories with me.

Katrin Keller

Skagaströnd, 28. August, 2017

(Text zur Ausstellung)