The balancing act of crossing the alps

Zwei videos (loop), parallel laufend, mit Ton
Video Handstand auf der Karte, 7’32’’ (Projektion)
Video Gebirge, 8’3’’ (Tablet 10”)
Dimension variabel


Ausstellung: Inside the Seismograph, U10 Artspace, Belgrade 2020

Text zur Arbeit in der Ausstellung (engl.)

The exercise on a map started as an attempt to approach the place where I am supposed to live for six months. While performing a handstand I try to land next to Belgrade on the map of the Balkans. As I am not able to perform a proper handstand, my body loses balance and I fail over again through a combination of controlled and uncontrolled movements.
The video is shown together with the recording of my flying over the Alps on my way to Belgrade. Holding the camera directly to the plane’s window the trembling of the aircraft is transferred to the perception/recording of the landscape below.


Hier angezeigt wird die erste Minute der beiden Videoarbeiten.